cheeTarh Select Products:


  ・Interface Carpe Tile

  ・Sony Open-Air Ear Phone

cheeTarh Consulting On-Going Projects:


  ・cheeTarh Hypersonic Wagon (Mobile, durable, and pure audio-set, which can convey hypersonic sounds by playing  High Res. tracks at welfare facilities, etc. , eventually, to establish music therapies within psychiatric treatments, which currently are too skewed to medicines.)  

What's cheeTarh Consalting?
The main purpose in the first place is to improve my own audio system, so, it is my hobby. cheeTarh Consulting provides those with positive results. cheeTarh LAN Terminator was the first one, and was welcomed by many audiophiles.
Current effots are focused on letting as many people as possible know the efficiencies of cheeTarh Carpet-Style Virtual Ground, which has been registered in Patent Office. You may not believe it, but I am very much satisfied with the magical effects of cheeTarh USB Terminator, the latest release.
cheeTarh Consulting's fundamental approach is to find things with high performances or accuracies among marketed prdoucts outside audio, and combine them for audio use. Another is to determine the essences not by theories, but by practices. 
Where to Buy cheeTarh Consulting Products:
cheeTarh Consulting products are all available at its Yahoo! Aucion JAPAN Booth. You may be interested in that most products are return approve. Furthermore, rental fees are almost freight costs and you arerecommended to take advatage of it. For overseas customers, please contacts the buyers who reside in Japan and send products in Yahoo! Auction JAPAN to your country, such as those in "Buyee."
How to Know cheeTarh Consulting Products Effects:


After the purchase, when buyers evaluate the seller, buyers are strongly recommended by cheeTarh Consulting  to "candidly" note about the product  effects. The "voices" of users are gathered and available for you as objective reviews/ information. Please review accumulated evalutions, in which negative comments are litterally suggested.