Rhodium plating RCA plug

Rhodium plating RCA plug

cheeTarh RCA Coaxial Digital Cable

cheeTarh RCA Coaxial Digital Cable

Many S-5CFB class cables tested!

Many S-5CFB class cables tested!

 "cheeTarh RCA Coaxial Digital Cable: CDC-1"
  • Thoroughly selected from the highest grade cables for digital satellite broadcast!
  • Plug with rhodium plating, solderless connection, and collet chuck!
  • Vivid sounds of accousitc musical instruments!
  • Rental service available at only 250 yen (only in Japan)

Limitted Options For Digital CoaxialRCA Cable!


Digital coaxial RCA cables disappeared from the market, recently. This is the SPDI/F transmission standards that is quite obsolete have been replaced by HDMI standards on general audio-visual equipments. If you see some SPDI/F connections on currently marketed products, they are not coaxial , but optical, which is called TosLink, such as with Apple TV, etc. However, RCA digital coaxial calbes are necessary to connect network audio player to external DACs (Digital to Analogue Converter) to fully enjoy network aduio. Optical one's transmission efficiencies are low, unless the cable's conductor is expensive high purity quartz. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that conversion proceses to and from electricity would negatively affect the sound quality. cheeTarh RCA Coaxial Digital Cable was developped in order to attempt the best sound by selecting the base cable which has the highest performances for music data transmission. 



Marketed "Audio-Grade" Cables Are Super-Expensive!


Once the generally marketed products disappear, here come the "audio-grade" and super-expensive cables. Many of you must purchase them wondering why they are so. However, aid is given for coaxial digital cables. The cables for high performance digital cables have been steadly evolved for satellite broadcasting with exactly the same standards of 75 ohm impedance coaxial cable as audio coaxial digital cables. The coaxial digital cables for satellite broadcasting were the results of gathered wisdom of excellent engineers in major cable companies. Those engineers are out of minor audio accessary league. cheeTarh Consulting gave most attention to it.


Futhermore Selected From The Best Grade Cables For Satellite Broadcasting!


So, cheeTarh Consulting gathered all S-5CFB, the highest grade,  cables in Japan, and compared the sounds, thoroughly. Surprisingly, the sounds are quite different even in the same standard of S-5CFB. Some of them could not even transmit 192kHz/ 24bit High Res. properly. So, f you want to do it by yourself, you need to be careful. The cable that cheeTarh Consulting finally chose had much more excellent musical data transmission performances than others. This painful efforts, that cheeTarh Consulting put in this process, gave the biggest additional value on its product. It is different from simply putting on RCA plugs on a S-5CFB cable.


Extrapolatingly Clear Treble With Rhodium Plating! 


The RCA plug that cheeTarh Consulting chose is solderless with rhodium plating, and gives a more beautiful high tone range with clearness than one with gold plating. Additionally, it is with collet chuck and you can firmly attach the cable to an RCA terminal by simply rotating the plug body. This is not only for preventing it from being disconnected. The sounds are different between when cheeTarh RCA Coaxial Ditital Cable is tightlened, or not. Only firmly tightened, it performs well. The characteristics of its sounds are clearness of super-high pitch, which never bother your ears with distortion. For example, effetc sounds with treble are brilliant, the middle range is rich, the bass is tight, and you are drawn into the musical world somewhere along the line. You notice that your audio's acousitic field seems reconstructed. The cabel sleeve is from Viablue, but the product has nothing to do with this brand. The color of the plug might be blue or red. All order is tailered to you length request. Regardless of it, return and refund are approved. This is another self-confident product of cheeTarh Consulting!


cheeTarh RCA Coaxial Digital Cable

CDC-1, within 80 cm, 7,480 yen, additional +10 cm = +100 yen

(Example; 120 cm, 7,480 yen + (100 x 4) = 7,880 yen









CBC-1、80cm以内、7,280円、+10cmに付き +100円

(例:120cmの場合、7,280円+(100 x 4)=7,680円)





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